Sea-Tac’s rapid growth poses challenging questions.  
How will 20 million more passengers and tons of additional cargo be handled?  
How do we create good jobs in doing so?  
How do these new developments
reflect our regional commitment to
environmental sustainability?  

We all have a stake in the answers.   

This Matters

Sea-Tac is a major economic hub for the Puget Sound region and Washington state, generating 170,000 jobs and more than $16.3 billion in business activity.  It’s also our connection to the rest of the world and our front door-step when visitors come here.  The strength of the airport is something that will continue to impacts us all.

Who We Are

Our coalition consists of business, labor and environmental organizations that recognize the unique role Sea-Tac plays in our economy and our community.  From major corporations to concerned individual citizens, Tomorrow @ Sea-Tac members understand that a strong airport means a stronger Puget Sound region and a stronger Washington.


Sea-Tac has been the fastest-growing major hub airport in the nation the last couple years.  That growth creates great opportunities for the region and state, but it taxes the airport and surrounding facilities.  With passenger counts projected to increase 50% over the next two decades, good planning and strategic investments will be needed.

About Sea-Tac

Sea-Tac is the nation’s 13th busiest airport and has been the fastest-growing major hub in recent years.  Learn more about all the planning and coordination that goes into safely and efficiently serving the more than 42 million passengers and shipping more than 330,000 metric tons of cargo that flow through Sea-Tac each year.

Master Plan

Sea-Tac is in the process of developing an updated master plan to accommodate projected growth; to continue providing a safe, efficient and comfortable experience to the traveling public; to build on its impressive track record of environmentally sustainable operations; and to guide strategic investments over the next two decades.


As the new master plan for Sea-Tac airport is developed and implemented, there will be many opportunities for public engagement and support.  The Tomorrow @ Sea-Tac coalition will keep its members and the public informed about these opportunities and how to get involved in this important process. Check back here often.