Why this matters

Sea-Tac is one of the most important economic engines for the Puget Sound region and the entire State of Washington.  It enables local companies to meet their customers and ship their products, opens global markets for the crops grown by Washington farmers, and brings important convention and visitor dollars to the Seattle area and beyond.  Airports around the state rely on efficient connections through Sea-Tac for air service linking their communities to cities across the country and around the world.  Thousands of people work at Sea-Tac and tens of thousands more work in industries that benefit from the airport’s presence here.

The operations of Sea-Tac are estimated to generate:

  • 172,000 jobs
  • $16.3 billion in business revenues
  • $655 million in state and local taxes

Sea-Tac is one of the few organizations responsible for driving this level of job creation and economic activity for the families and communities of Washington State.